"Has pursuing the American Dream brought stress and unhappiness? My tools help calm the turmoil and anxiety."

Amber Deann, Relationship Coach/Counselor

About Me

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Years ago I needed an overhaul. I had a boat-load of problems. After fixing myself, I noticed that others, especially women, had similar challenges and problems. I used my experience and  knowledge of healing to improve their lives and  help them build Harmonious Relationships. Both personal improvement and building strong relationships are necessary for a better life.

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Amber regularly holds events and meetups to help those who are looking for help.

You may want to attend one of these eye-opening gatherings to learn more about yourself and the mechanics of relationships.

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How To Find Yourself Again

We all feel anxious, and  stressed. And we all sometimes feel  “stuck” or repeat old behavior patterns and habits and then ask ourselves,

“Why am I doing this?”

The answer lies in your subconscious.

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