Memories destroying life.

Release Your Magical Child

A book for taking back your power.


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Take Back Your Power.  Stand up to the World.

Speak up and Live in Harmony!


You can shift those feelings and behaviors created by fear, anger, resentments, guilt, judgments, and move out of the “feeling stuck” place.

You can calm and control those knee jerk reactions to difficult people and uncomfy relationships.

You can Take Back Your Power, Speak Your Wisdom.

Amber DeannI am Amber DeAnn, a Relationship Communication coach, author, speaker, filmmaker.

As a child I had some challenging experiences. I was 8 and getting beat up again by an out of control mom who exploded at the way I opened and closed window blinds. One day I decided it was time to take action. I was ready to Take Back My Power, but first I needed a mental and emotional overhaul.

My research and experiences became the heart of my Take Back Your Power program.

My book, Release Your Magical Child, illustrates a story of a young woman haunted by her childhood trauma nightmares and her search for sanity which opens her to reconnect with her scared, resentful younger self and her abandoned Spirit.

Yes, Yoda would approve of the wisdom in her journey.

Moving from Stuck to Powerful

Create your foundation for a Powerful, authentic Life.

Restore Your Power

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“Amber is amazing! I’m feeling much lighter and brighter. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
we work on so much today and I thank you for making me feel alive again. I was stuck. Thanks again, Amber.”

— Niki Taylor

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