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Iam Amber DeAnn, a Relationship Communication coach, energy healer, hypnotherapist, author, screenwriter, speaker.

As a child I had some challenging experiences. I was 8 and getting beat up again by an out of control mom who exploded at the way I opened and closed window blinds. I was tired of her and it was time to take action. I had to find a way. I was ready to TakeBack My Power, but first I needed a mental/emotional overhaul.

As a coach, I have  seen that many of us have unhappy childhood events that create mental impressions of powerlessness, feeling stuck and keep us in low self esteem. This mental condition poisons ourselves and our relationships by killing our self expression & intuition.

The solution is to reconnect the strong and weak parts of yourself into a fulfilled, self expressive person. This is what I do best.

“In our adversity lies our greatest gifts. In our hardships lies our greatest opportunities.” author unknown.

Many women feel unempowered,  unable to deal with conflicting emotions, and thoughts, their sense of duty to the family. When they are able to reconnect their mind,(thoughts), emotions and life purpose, they will be able  to regain their inner power and ability to speak up,  and shift their lives.

My Background

After earning a BA in Business Administration from a small college in Nebraska, and a JD (law degree) from the University of Nebraska, I discovered I really did not like the business world. The stress of the business world  on top of the unhealed traumas from childhood forced me to seek help for my PTSD, depression and physical pain.

Having been told by several chiropractors and alternative health care practitioners that my physical health and childhood wounding was beyond their abilities to heal, I decided to heal myself.

The 12 Step Program was great for helping me  to get in touch with my anger, and let me feel safe and connected to my tribe.   Many evenings were spent writing, crying, screaming, and boxing the air. I was determined to be free.

After moving to California, I plunged into the  spiritual and healing world.  I found relief from my scoliosis with  a self-help physical therapy program, then dove into workshops and books  by psychics and spiritual healers.  I was on fire reading, learning,  exploring and blossoming.

After studying with various metaphysical and spiritual groups, I became passionate about helping others and entered the alternative health care field. I graduated from Clinical Touch School of Massage Therapy, then Innerquest Hypnotherapy School, took Reiki classes, various energy healing programs,  and  Access Consciousness (hands on touch to the head).

I studied early childhood education and psychology from American River College to get back in touch with my childhood, opened a hypnotherapy and coaching service,  Mind Emotion Harmony in Sacramento, Ca in 2006. In 2012, I moved to the Bay. In 2016 I went to India to study emotional clearing with my guru, Nithyananda. My life changed dramatically. Now I help heal others through my book, coaching,  and  movies.

My Books 

My book, Release Your Magical Child, is a metaphysical psychological thriller and spiritual adventure story focusing on a woman’s journey to overcome child abuse-related PTSD issues by  reconnecting to her Inner Child and her Spiritual wisdom. Read more on http://bit.ly/2oNvpde.

The  personal experiences in this book became the foundation for the healing work I do. I love sharing these tools and techniques and watch people come back into their power.

I also love art, acting, movies, writing, yoga, meditating, sports and nature.

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