Taking Back Your Power means discovering where you are not using your intuition and other innate skills and developing the tools to reconnect with your power. Time to move forth into a bright sunny future you create for the REAL YOU.

In theses classes I will be combining ancient wisdom with modern brain science  which creates  an effective, practical, simple daily new lifestyle. These classes will allow you to heal  the body and mind energetically and develop the synergy needed for manifesting a  fulfilling future. It’s time to Take Back Your Power.

Breaking Free From Mom/Dad — young adults – 4 week program

You want your own life. You want the freedom to make decisions so your budding passions can blossom into glorious technicolor. You want some respect and fulfillment in your life. I hear you.
Maybe Mom doesn’t, or Dad feels you can’t make much money with those ideas.

There is a way to be you. And get them off your back.

Feelings are not carved in stone. Relationships can shift. Harmony can happen. Art and writing open the subconscious mind channels and allow you to step into greater clarity and freedom.

In this class we will explore your feelings around Mom & Dad—

what emotions arise, what thoughts,
what beliefs do you have about ourselves and our abilities, what frictions exist.
Then we shift them.

You will be able to—

Identify your feelings & thoughts
Identify knee jerk reactions to Mom’s lectures
Separate your personality from Mom
Move into your true Self
Mesh with the charge of your passion — your “why”



Healing Mom Daughter/Son relationships for Mom’s of young adults – 4 week program

You have all this knowledge and wisdom gained from years in the battlefield called life, but your child won’t listen, just tunes you out. You want them to have a better, at least easier life, than you did, but you can’t get through. You’ve tried everything- lectures, scolding, silent treatment, shoved books under their noses, yet nothing works.

You get moody, frustrated, resentful, sarcastic and you yell. Not helping them, and harming you. This can all be changed. Ready?

From this class you will receive —

*beginning of authentic, open conversation with child, or child’s spouse or loved one
*warm fuzzies from letting your heart open and just be present
*A different point of view of life, maybe even her culture
*understanding of the power of silence, and acceptance
*Less physical and emotional pain in your body


  TRAUMA TOOLS for group sessions

Healing Trauma Tools — 4 week program — 2 hours
You just witnesssed a freeway accident, your Mom died, you are behind on the mortgage payment, your best friend moved out of town. Everyday events you say. Yes, on the surface. But trauma to your nervous system.

Trauma is over stimulation of nervous system coupled with our mindset that we can’t
control our lives or the events happening to us. Enough of these everyday events and your nervous system stays stuck in over stimulation mode, hyped up to confront an nonphysical enemy. This overstimulation mode wears out your heart, lungs, and other organs creating bad health.

Both can be changed. You can live and move through life calmly, in control of yourself and your reactions. You can feel in control of your life. You just need a few tools, some patience and grit.

This program is for the Self Help person who is in good physical, emotional & mental health and who seeks a calmer, easier life. If you have serious health condition, please seek appropriate medical and psychological care.

There are many helpful techniques that work. With persistence, these tools and alternative bodywork ie Bowen, intuitive bodywork, online healers, etc. you can shift back to normal functionality.

Benefits —

Feel whole and unified again in all body parts
Feel powerful and empowered
Make peace with the scared part of you
get back into life

reconnect body, emotions and spirit
understand the essence of trauma — action and reaction
learn unwanted energy release techniques that bring you back into harmony




Who are you Really? Are you just an employee with a certain skill set, or child of certain parents. Are you just work, responsibilities, worries and health problems. Let’s think bigger. Let’s look at the whole you- the body-mind-feelings-soul presence that seeks to be unified and express itself.

In this course you will learn —

how to expand your awareness of yourself how to expand your creativity find your inner hidden resistance
find your inner soul yearnings leading you to a new vision of you

Strengthen your stamina and the way you hold energy in your body


Pulling Out of Depression — 4 weeks 2 hour sessions

What if your depression was not you? What if it is an inherited thought coming from parents?
What if it is a reaction to your life’s events- subconsciously?

No one wakes up in the morning and says, “I think I’ll be depressed today so I can deal better with life.” It is a state of mind that we fall into as quickly as we slide down an icy hill.

I feel depression is just a subconscious mind thoughtform which got stuck in the brain and repeats like a computer coding loop. Depression is a body/mind/thought  entanglement which can be healed through physical moves and psychic energy tools.


PULLING OUT OF ANGER — 4 weeks 2 hours session

Anger is hot inner energy. We all have it. Exploding at your loved ones because you are mad at your boss doesn’t help anyone. We just need to understand and guide your anger and redirect it toward a useful purpose like taming a wild horse.

This class will enable you to —

listen to messages in your anger
melt resistance to dealing with your anger
shift your mindset to focus on using the strength in your anger
discover ways to use this recycled energy to meet your goals
* create a new vision of you without anger

PULLING OUT OF FEAR — 4 weeks 2 hours sessions.

Fear can feel like a mulitheaded monster growling at us several times a day, trying to scare us. Fueled by our protective parents, society and buried past lives it often succeeds in paralyzes us. With a few tools and a little courage it can be calmed like a scared rabbit.

This course will teach you how to

listen to the message in your fear
melt resistance to dealing with your fear
let your mind loving embrace your fear
retrain the fear energy to be useful sentry allowing faster achievement of your goals
create a new vision of you without fear


Success is your birthright, and your life’s purpose. It is your creative expression, your soul’s yearning and your happiness. And it is never static and never looks like society says it should.

So how do we find it?

This class will help you

define success for you
expand your awareness of your true self passions
move into your courage to reclaim it for you
reconnect to your intuition
find freedom from society’s burdens
learn techniques to melt into the change you need to be
build courage to live this new success life

We will be using various physical movements and energetic sessions to build strength in body to hold the charge to do the manifesting work.


For 2 years Amber had a meetup where she worked with women having problems with relationship issues. Here we looked at our family  interactions  to discover and transform our fear, anger and codependency, accept and develop our emotional intelligence,  access our inner wisdom and speak our truth. Here is one testimonial.


I have shifted my relationship with my Mom. Prior to working in this group, I experienced anxiety and guilt feelings whenever I visited my Mom. I now am able to visit her with reduced anxiousness. I have successfully completed my long overdue income taxes because I overcame the fear/guilt and anxiety that I associated with this task. I have also successfully moved forward in my career. A task that has been stalled for more than 7 years. Yeah! I also learned that I have a strong passion to help troubled teens. I am also moving forward on this path. Thank you Amber for helping me find more of myself. Hugs. Susan


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