Upcoming classes will include elements of healing  the body through essential oils, yoga, channeled sessions with Archangel Michael and healing the mind through humor, neuroscience, and play. I am updating my classes now.


Previous Class —

For 2 years Amber had a meet up where she worked with women having problems with relationship issues. Here we looked at our family  interactions  to discover and transform our fear, anger and codependency, accept and develop our emotional intelligence,  access our inner wisdom and speak our truth. Here is one testimonial.


I have shifted my relationship with my Mom. Prior to working in this group, I experienced anxiety and guilt feelings whenever I visited my Mom. I now am able to visit her with reduced anxiousness. I have successfully completed my long overdue income taxes because I overcame the fear/guilt and anxiety that I associated with this task. I have also successfully moved forward in my career. A task that has been stalled for more than 7 years. Yeah! I also learned that I have a strong passion to help troubled teens. I am also moving forward on this path. Thank you Amber for helping me find more of myself. Hugs. Susan


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