Take Back Your Power


This counseling is a powerful partnership between the client and practitioner that allows the client to clear his unproductive thoughts, feelings and behavior which are created by fear, anger, resentments, judgments, guilt, etc

They create mental and emotional blocks in our life, cause “knee jerk” reactions to difficult people and uncomfortable relationships. They keep you “feeling stuck,” feeling powerless and victimized by society and the world. This does not serve you. You can not get into a powerful space by feeling weak.

I want you to be “proud of you”, be empowered, strong, creative, fulfilled and living in your authentic way.

In this structured, practical, interactive program we achieve these results and more. I use the

latest mind-body techniques and ancient spiritual wisdom.


This program will show you how to

•discover the origin of your anger and transform it so it becomes your ally

•discover and transform fear

•discover and transform codependency, resentments, judgments,

•accept and work with your emotional intelligence

•develop your ability to find and speak your wisdom

•help you access and connect with our fun, powerful, adventuresome self

•learn tools for self-awareness, self clearing

  • connect with resources to grow your self esteem, confidence,
  •     Connect to your Higher Self (soul, spirit)

We start by clearing your relationship with your family so you can Take Back Your Power and Speak Your Truth.

Then you can return to the adventuresome, creative, expressive self you were born to be.

You can move out of feeling stuck and overwhelmed and into the sunshine of supportive, fun, nurturing relationships and a fulfilled life.


YouTUbe — Several short videos about busting stress, and my book, Release Your Magical Child.  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=amber+dmeh


Release Your Magical Child —a book about self discovery and the excitement of  reconnecting to your Higher Self.

When a reclusive, professional, debt counselor loses her job, she is haunted by nightmare of her early childhood abuse from Mom and forced to make allies with her scared younger self and her abandoned Spirit to take back her power from Mom.


 My team is currently working on a movie trailer based on this book.


Amber is amazing!  I’m feeling much lighter and brighter.  A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  we work on so much today and I thank you for making me feel alive again. I was stuck.  Thanks again, Amber  — Niki Taylor

I just wanted to let you know how great the workshop was on Sunday. I received and am still receiving many insights. My favorite part was tuning in and letting my body speak. I was shocked at how much it had to say. One of the answers I received was thatI needed to “crow.” I love it. My wild magical child unleashed. My issue at the workshop was feeling stuck and unable to move forward.  I’ve had a huge breakthrough and am now in action moving forward in all areas of my life!!!. —Debbie Priest


  1. Will u help an 11yr.old depressed self harming child. I am afraid for her.

    • Anelda,
      I would need to talk to the child and see specifically what her issues are. When did you want to do this?
      I have time in the mornings and some afternoons.
      I would like to talk to you to about her symptoms.
      Self harming can mean all types of issues are coming up for her. We need to address it asap.
      Send me an email at amberdeann@gmail.com and I will respond.
      Thanks for reading my posts.
      Love to talk to you and your daughter.

  2. Do you have a cd or dvd that can help with this? Thankyou carole it feels just what i need

    • Carole,
      I do not have a Cd or DVD because the work is personal for everyone. That means different people will have different issues and they need to be addressed in different ways that meets your needs.

      I can work with you on whatever specific issue you have through a private coaching session. My fees are very reasonable and the results are amazing and lasting. Sessions run 2-3 hours and really clear out blocks. I live and work in my apartment in San Jose, Ca. I can also do Skype sessions if you live far away. Let me know which you would prefer.

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