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Survey Success ebook for 40-60 years old

Posted by on Nov 19, 2017 in Finding Happiness, human potential book, Self-Improvement, Stuck | 2 comments

Hi Everyone, I need your opinion.

Are you in your 40 – 60’s?

Do you want to move forward in life? Embrace new challenges, explore new adventures and have a more successful life?  I do too.

But sometimes boredom, routine habits, bad life experiences and low self esteem block our path. Like you, I had to break thru to find me. Now I can share what I learned in this ebook with you.

It’s a practical, intuitive enhancing guide for creating your path to success so you can reshape your life.  It contains interspective exercises which unearth your most secret dreams, desires, and present self awareness to rediscover the real you.  Then walks you through exercises from wise masters and Kundalini yoga poses which build the courage to move toward those dreams. It’s a self help wonderland.

Here are the 2 best cover designs we have so far and a few top titles.


Top Titles —

Success: Be Free of You

Success: Find Real You

Success; Inner Truth

Success: Decide What you Want

Free your mind– Free You


Which title and which design do you like the best? Please send me your opinion on the form below or on a private email.

Thanks so much.

Amber DeAnn, author

Survey for Ebook on Success

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Hi Everyone, I need your opinion.

Are you in your 20 & 30’s?

Do you want to move forward in life? Embrace new challenges, explore new adventures and have a more successful life?  I do too.

But sometimes boredom, routine habits, bad life experiences and low self esteem block our path. Like you, I had to break thru to find me. Now I can share what I learned in this ebook with you.

It’s a practical, intuitive enhancing guide for creating your path to success so you can reshape your life.  It contains interspective exercises which unearth your most secret dreams, desires, and present self awareness to rediscover the real you.  Then walks you through exercises from wise masters and Kundalini yoga poses which build the courage to move toward those dreams. It’s a self help wonderland.

Here are the 2 best cover designs we have so far and a few top titles.


Top Titles —

Success: Be Free of You

Success: Find Real You

Success; Inner Truth

Success: Decide What you Want

Free your mind– Free You


Which title and which design do you like the best? Please send me your opinion on the form below or on a private email.

Thanks so much.

Amber DeAnn, author

Camillia’s past now dominates –

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Camillia, the main character in Release Your Magical Child, is an adult now consumed by nightmares, and flashbacks of her childhood.

And the nightmares of the snake continued.  Camillia couldn’t remember when it started. It was just there one day, a shocking intrusion in her childhood sleep. One that never left her. She hated it, always waking up in a sweat, in panicky breathing, thrashing to ward off the snakes. It seemed so real.

Last night was another one- another scary adventure of the snake coming out of the coffin and moving toward her. She blinked her eyes as she looked around her bed and bedroom for the snakes. It took her brain a long time to accept the fact that they were not there.

Now her logical mind chimed in, “Why is this happening? I never owned a snake, never touched one, never read about them, never knew anyone who had a snake. What is going on?”

Her body exhausted from the struggle, her mind confused, she had to face another work day.

During the day she started having hallucinations, seeing people/ things that didn’t exist in 3D or physical form, but were clearly there in her mind. It was more than a vision- it was like a visit from someone or something from a different dimension- like one of those pop up characters you see in the kid’s books that surprise you when they jump out at you. 

But these popups were a little more real, a little more significant to her life, yet unreal in a weird way— like seeing a ghost, hearing a ghost, watching the silent communication of a ghost. This ghost was Mom, or a mind concoction of her still living Mom and Mom was upset. Ugh. 

Camillia could feel herself withdraw from the figure, like moving back to avoid danger. It always felt like she was going to get hit again like she had in her childhood.

“Was that what it was? some distorted version of her lost buried child’s story?”

Her mind reeled, unable to make sense of it.

“Well, whatever it  was, it was a real problem, now.”

Her mind stalled, unable to come up with any answers.

Release Your Magical Child book is available on Amazon–

Mind Emotion Harmony book page —

Camillia yearns to fly like a bird — Release Your Magical Child

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I can fly.

For those of you who just tuned in — here’s a recap. I’m exploring the personality and history of Camillia, our credit card counselor protaganist in Release Your Magical Child,  now having flashbacks about her abusive childhood. Here we look at her imagination– yearnings–hallucinations. This is really good.

That wasn’t the only hallucination Camillia  had — there was the flying one. Her favorite. She would be out in a field just walking and enjoying the scenery and the sun and the fresh air and the open space. Then suddenly she would look to the sky and yearn to be there.

Like it was an easy journey — just lift your foot and be propelled into heaven or the great beyond. She didn’t know why she just yearned to go there, but she did.

She looked around at the birds. They flew with such grace, ease, simplicity. “Why can’t I? Let’s try.”  So she watched— and watched the birds, and their liftoff. They walked on earth, then stopped and in a second looked up, wings came out, flap, flap and they were up and flying. Easy, right?

In a vacant field by herself, she watched the birds, and their wings , then imitated them by moving her own arms. Running would give her some momentum, then the wings (her hands tucked in  toward her arm pits ) would give her the lift, she figured.

She plotted her path, gauged the wind, moved her legs, running faster and faster, then by adjusting her hands and arms she created the wings. “Ready, set go.”   She flapped her arms, as her feet ran across the field. “Up, Up,” her mind shouted. “Liftoff,” Her soul shouted.

Gradually she felt her feet lifting off the ground. “I’m airborne,” her mind said.

Then PLOP- her feet dropped back to the earth. “Oh, shit.” her mind said. And she was earthbound again, disappointed  and frustrated.

How was she going to learn to fly like a bird?

Then there was the hallucination about snakes. She used to think that was some fear thought she had picked up from Mom, or inherited from Mom, you know— a gene thing. But?

She had seen pixs of snakes on Egyptian statutes, on jewelry, on building stuccos. It all looked innocent then, even kind of memorable and historic, until you got closer to look at the snakes in the scenes and what they were doing. Then you entered a different world — one vague but real in a different dimension, yet sort of familiar- like a cloudy memory you just can’t quite access in a way that you can see.

But seeing a snake in real life, WOW-FEAR. It was  definitely a scary image stuck in her mind. But how? Why? 

”Past lives” popped into her mind, like a answer given from her Spirit.

Had she had a past life with snakes? Had she been in Egypt? Maybe playing with snakes in Egypt? There was a definite vague sensation about that. The kind that imply there is something here — something that needs exploring.  A sensation that says without words, “Stay tuned for Part 2.” But the Part 2 never happened  never revealed itself,  just sort of stays hidden, waiting for the right key, or circumstance to unlock it so the genie can bounce out of the  bottle.

How was she going to conquer her fear of snakes? Or was she?


Amazon – Release Your Magical Child —

Mind Emotion Harmony –book page —

Release Your Magical Child – a crisis is brewing

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My book, Release Your Magical Child, is a

metaphysical journey through childhood fear

obsessed flashbacks into peace with your soul and Inner Child.

I bet you are asking whose journey?
and Why ?

Let’s meet Camillia, heroine of this book, and get some answers.

Camillia is a child of the Midwest, growing up in a middle income, farm community, mentally connected to the hardships of middle class America trying to make a living.

Now a credit card counselor, her job is to help debtors come out of the mental fog/delusion that is the reality of living with debt collectors, to get them back into financial solvency, back into their lives in a more powerful way— one that allows them to be more cognizant of their spending patterns and habits.

Personally, she is motivated by her own version of power. She has always wanted a better relationship with her father—one of recognition, acceptance, connection. Since her father only honored money, and those who earned money, she chose a career path which she hoped would lead to financial success and his personal acceptance.

With confidence in this specific debt collection program and her ability to connect empathically, she collects the proper financial data, and gets them signed up. She loves this job and the fulfillment feeling she feels when the clients walk out of the door happy,  knowing they will be helped and the mental pain will soon be over.

To Camillia, it feels like success is finally within reach. Her personal journey toward a stable, financially lucrative job in finance starts here. Then Dad would have  to notice her. She is committed. She will do her best.

One day, however, things changed suddenly. The ugly head of her buried past rises,  a past where she was a victim trapped in a world where she was abused physically, emotionally and mentally by Mom. It was too painful to discuss then or now. It is too painful to resolve and it certainly doesn’t fit into the new world, the new life she is designing for herself.

When the first shocking nightmare occurs, she feels disoriented, and confused. She stuffs it, it’s the only way she knows. The present and the her future are more important. There is no time to deal with this naggy, stress-filled past and she doesn’t know how.

But the nightmares continue, intruding into her deep, restful sleep, pulling at her, demanding attention, or reminding her of unfinished business. She didn’t know which. She didn’t care.

It was intrusive, unpleasant, and now a big recurring problem. It was ruining her sanity, and affecting her mental state. It was an aggravation she could not shake, bury or deal with. It was bigger and more powerful than her.

Amber DeAnn,
author of Release Your Magical Child, now on sale on Amazon —

Mind Emotion Harmony book page —

Flowing Through Emotion Pain & PTSD

Posted by on Apr 2, 2017 in Fear & Anxiety, Finding Happiness, Relationships, Self-Improvement, Stress, Stuck, Trauma | 0 comments

I disagree with common advice given to PTSD survivors to relive the scene. Some can’t do that.  When you are in the midst of a traumatic attack, you can’t think through it or  give yourself affirmations, or tell your body to calm down. Thinking will actually make the situation worse, because the brain can’t find an answer and will keep on spinning like a stuck computer trying to find a match — an answer for the question, “What is this all about?” Then the emotions go into guilt, shame, blame,  and more energy gets stuck. Now this stuck energy lodges as pain in muscles.

PTSD is not a mental disorder, it not an illness that needs a drug either. It is just an over saturation of fight or flight energy, and the solution is to release this energy that affects the entire body, throwing the hormones off balance and the disrupting the entire nervous system, digestive system, endocrine system, .etc.

Here is a way to handle the emotion pain. Think of all your systems as separate entities with voices and needs.

Here is an example of a handle the pain situation.  No thinking, just feeling. Ready, go. —-

The emotional pain was back. It was like a voice inside saying, “Did you hear me I can’t live like this anymore? Do something!!!”

yearning for something to do to take away the pain. Time for the Sun Salutation  yoga pose. 

Feet together, hands in prayer pose, then arms straight up and bend back, back,  fold over and touch floor by toes, right leg back, lunge, feet deeply connected to floor.. 

“Time for action, yeah,” yells emotions. “Finally, we are moving, moving into …”

Body moves as if preprogrammed, holding the lunge, muscles stretching, aching, body moves on…

Emotions are silent, still.

Body moves again, going into plank, chest dips to floor.

Mind alert now, focused, ready. Emotions happy, Pain moving out. Yoga pose moves on…


Human speaking: “The parts all got to speak, act as they were meant to. Life for the human shifts.”

Yes, we the parts all interconnect to create the being called a human, and they should stay interconnected to assist the human in life. The face smiles. It knows.

Dealing with Life Struggle

Posted by on Mar 28, 2017 in Fear & Anxiety, Finding Happiness, Self-Improvement, Stress, Tools | 1 comment

My creative side has been nagging me to write — it wanted to write a poem. Here it is. It teaches as well as clears and connects with the soul. What do you think about it? Please leave comment below and subscribe to read some of my other insightful posts.

                                                         DEALING WITH LIFE

I sit,

trying to be physically and mentally still.

The world’s noise and chaos assaults me like a Samaurai warrior—big, bold, strong, relentless, persecuting.

I’m ready.

I inhale,

hold my breath to retreat into the invisible,

exhale to feel my new strength,

inhale, hold,

again dipping into the vast invisible for a new cup of courage,

I sit, trying to be still…

relax into the strong powerful peace.

the connection has been made.

The Universe and I have found each other — if only for a few seconds.

It is enough.

I can do everything.


Letting Spirit be your Life Partner

Posted by on Feb 6, 2017 in Fear & Anxiety, Finding Happiness, Relationships, Self-Improvement, Stress, Trauma | 0 comments

I had just moved into my first house, 2005,

A Yoda journey starts here- know yourself.

amidst the turmoil of home repairs,  unpacking,

finding roommates, dealing with a theft issue,

the Inner Voice, the voice of my Spirit, spoke.

Loud, fast, clear, and strong it spoke. It had a mission.

I ran to the computer, it was time to take dictation.

What was it writing? Why was it speaking now? What was so pressing….

I didn’t have time to figure it out… the words were coming .. like an avalanche,  one that would roll over me with huge weight and power, consuming my mind, flooding my brain and holding my heart hostage.

It was fun, exciting, like being a part of something huge, out of the world, yet powerful and it was coming through me, and ….. I caught a glimpse of what I was writing…. it was amazing.

It was easy being in this flow of words, of a recap of basic human life as explained to me by my Spirit. I kept writing. The Voice continued speaking.  One hour turned into two, then three.

I wasn’t me anymore. I had ceased to be.. I was a an instrument of a power greater than me — one with relentless power that had  a significant message and purpose for me.

I was accustomed to this kind of intensity from a writing experience years earlier when I was writing  a novel, or trying to. But that was just fun, experiencing being in the flow. But this time, it was different, this was of a higher energy, a high calibur story containing a hidden wisdom, and moments of sheer comedy. It was like a simple truth from a higher dimension.

I stopped to read the last few sentences, there was a story here. Wowo. This was about a real person. It was a story of someone similiar to me .. it was illustrating life problems we try to avoid, the ones too painful to share, the one that had too many memories of unfulfilled dreams. But Why?

It was here to show me truths about human experience, honor human struggles & yearnings , and hold out the promise of a big, bold future once the Spirit connection was made. It was my book, Release Your Magical Child. 

Calming Inner Conflict – Finding your Spirit

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Focusing on Calming Inner Conflict, I want to share an adventure— one that made me feel powerful again. It’s called speaking the truth and finding comedy/awe in working with  Spirit.

One day I was seeking my Mind-Emotion-Harmony.

I was struggling to calm my restless, controlling, subservient, belittling thoughts, so I could live a better life. I remember spiritual teachers saying you have to connect to your soul-befriend your soul. I decided to take up the challenge. I decided to Find My Soul and reconnect.





My father had just died. I never felt more alone in the world. I was never more restless, or conflicted. Dad had been my protector. The rest of my family hated me. And now I was on my own. Thoughts of a bleak future descended upon me like dark, heavy cloud. I called my college friend. She had a simple suggestion. A self help, therapy program.

I started the 12 Step program for Children of Dysfunctional Families. Here, I fit right in. I could understand & identify with everyone’s mindset, catch their jokes, enjoy playtime, laugh, sing, stuff my journal with pages of “I feel… and I don’t understand why…, They did this to me…” and “They said that and it hurt my feelings.” My inner voice was speaking — loud and clear. It was refreshing.

In the 12 step program we spoke about our Spirits when we shared. We yearned for the day when the Spirit in us would appear and save us, and guide us.  But I for one did not think it was a genuine reality. It seemed more like a dream, a wish, a longing that might not ever materialize.

I came home from the weekend feeling totally refreshed in a new way. I could breathe, I felt listened to, included, like I could intertwine my arms with total strangers and be heard and respected. A brand new feeling was emerging.  It was  exhilarating to my core.

As I feel asleep every night after that in my drafty upstairs apartment in mid winter in Iowa,  soothing my inner being with the same heart-warming song on my boom box and again feeling wrapped in the warmth of the 12 Step retreat.

I started feeling less out of place in that suffocating Midwestern culture &  political atmosphere. Some distance from my family of origin helped my self esteem immensely.  But disillusionment followed me in every waking moment as I struggled to find a job.


Then the VOICE popped in. It said “California” over and over and over like a stuck record. It got my attention, grabbed my mind and did not let go. My Spirit had spoken to me. Wow.

There was my destination. There was no way to argue, no logical rationale would shake the determination of such a Voice, no procrastination would shut it up. It had decided my destiny. I was reconnected.

–I’m Amber DeAnn, coach, filmmaker, screenwriter.





SURRENDER: necessity or defeat

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Finding the right answer.

Finding the right answer.

Let’s talk about surrender?

Why would you want to surrender?

Isn’t surrender giving up, realizing we have failed, admitting to self humiliation, hanging our head in dismay, feeling low and powerless?

Surrender can be thought of as relinguishing all rights to an event or object, as failure.

But it is actually the  opposite — it is realizing that your efforts are not producing the desired result, and your time and energy are not well spent. And the effort is making you feel drained, frustrated, disappointed, and defeated.

But “I have to solve this problem”, you say, and out of frustration, you pull all of your energy out of the situation and and wait for an answer, or a resource, or help of any kind.

If you stay calm, enter into a neutral attitude  to the situation or problem, you give your  mind freedom to tap directly  into the Universal wisdom bank. Answers to your problems will now appear in the books you pick up, the people  you meet, and the ideas that float through your head. This is spiritual guidance. This is your  knight in shining armor to save you.

Your intuition has just spoken.

Now the world opens up again.

When your  heart  jumps at the possibility of a new solution, you have found your answer.

That is where I was a month ago. I had body aches and pains and stress issues that screamed for attention. Ignoring them did not work, sitting and focusing on them just made the pain worse.

What to do?

Stop, do nothing, wait for the Universe to provide an alternative solution. It arrived in the form of a phone call— an invitation to do a 3 week spiritual retreat in India –with unheard of benefits and guaranteed results. Who could pass on that!

The retreat lived up to its hype— it delivered more than any one could imagine.

How often do you surrender and let your intuition solve the problem for you?

Amber DeAnn,

Hypnotherapist, communications coach.

TIme TRavel: Fantasy or Real EI (emotional intelligence)

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I recently viewed the short film The Last Client. I loved it. It is so engaging and exceptionally well done technically and it Woman on Mtn.reversedillustrates some of the laws of the Universe.

As a hypnotherapist/relationship coach I was amazed at the reality of the story. It is PSYFI and it is real.

The story is so symbolic of a personal experience I had with the laws of the Universe. Or shall we say the laws of karma.

As a student of metaphysics and a trained hypnotherapist, I can feel the connections between people, both current connections and past ones, including those with the dead.

I learned about this connection and how to access it through a hypnotherapy session— on my personal issue—my life as a thief.

As a community college student in Sacramento, I noticed my car was constantly being vandalized when I was in class. I was tormented daily with the fear that my car and my possessions would be stolen and there was nothing I could physically do to prevent it.
But I also knew from studying metaphysics that there was a relationship between this vandalizing and my past life. So I called my hypnotherapist and we dove into it.

In a past life I had been a cattle rustler, known far and wide for my misdeeds and had become a notorious celebrity in that area. Many young men had left their families and taken up cattle rustling to be with me. The local ranchers were furious with me and the strong anger they felt was still palatable as I reentered that time period. This situation had to be shifted.

My punishment in this lifetime was to be the victim of this type of crime. I was forced by the Universe to see the stealing from the opposite side —that of the victim.

For hours my hypnotherapist worked with me motivating me to dive deeper and deeper into my memories and my feelings. Layers of guilt and emotional pain erupted from me, from a deep place inside, like pus coming up from a wound. I cried many tears, said many heartfelt apologies to the raging ranchers whose faces I saw vividly and felt tons of emotional remorse for my misdeeds.

Then suddenly it was over. The crying stopped, the huge energetic emotional discharge finally released through a sigh, and I was free. The past had been atoned for, the apologies accepted, the issue forgiven and forgotten. It was finally over. And so was all the stealing and vandalizing. The slate was clean. I was free. The past was all history.

In the film, The Last Client, I see a similar scenario. A time travel expert helping others reconnect to their past, possibly to heal a relationship, by helping them travel back in time. He had a very unsatisfying experience with some of his clients and was feeling guilty about it. Then he faces a very unusual situation— a client who does not want to come back.

But there was a crime, the killing of President Lincoln, the time travel expert gets caught and has to pay for his complicity in the crime. He has to face his deed. Was this his karma or his life’s mission? Or both? We may find out later in future episodes.

This film and my experience illustrate the truth of the old saying — “What goes around, comes around.” This is the spiritual equivalent of Karma, or as the Law of Attraction people call it – “a chance to experience a different reality.”

Thanks so much cast and crew of The Last Client, for making Karma visual, tangible, and alive through your story. It will be showing at the San Jose International Short Film Festival in San Jose on Sat, Oct 25 at 6:15 p.m. You Psyfi fans will definitely enjoy this one.

You are opening the door for others to recognize their misdeeds and heal them and allowing our planet and its inhabitants to move toward a more rewarding, happy destiny.

I am writing scripts in this same arena dealing with the reality of past lives and current loves, with the energetic connection we all have and the hidden gift of the ability to heal it.

With Love,

Hypnotherapist, Relationship Coach, PsyFi screenwriter.




Your Subconscious Knows the Truth- Listen

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Do you lie to yourself? or Are you ignoring looking at the truth Have an honest talk with yourself, then listenbecause it is too painful?
We have all been there. It’s called the socialization part of you meets your rationale mind and together they try to figure out WHY this thing is happening to you.

The socialization part says “hide”—Hide your feelings, Hide your thoughts, Hide your tears. In public smile and act as if everything is perfect.

And the rationale mind acting like a computer repeats the same behavior you have done in the past. It does not understand or listen to the subtle gut feeling saying “I don’t like this and I don’t want to do it anymore. Now get me out of here.”

Your rational mind says,  “I’m In a Rut.”

Here is a real life example from a client of mine during a counseling session.

Why does he treat me like that? What is going on? Why do I keep repeating the same bad behavior? My client said as she looked at me inquisitively.

“Your subconscious already knows what you need to do about the bad boyfriend situation— you stated it right here in the questionnaire–“He is so much like my father,” I said.

The ah ha moment had arrived. Her eyes widened, her attention was riveted on me. “Yeah, that is right. That’s what I am feeling.”

                         Listen to Your Own Truth

As Allan Hardman says in his article, On Telling Ourselves the Truth, “Have you ever thought about how much we lie to ourselves. Think about it! How many times do you talk yourself out of what you’re feeling because your truth might hurt somebody?”

“We are well programmed from our childhood “domestication” to lie to ourselves. And to each other. …It is more like we fool ourselves. Don’t pretend to like some people more that you really do? Don’t pretend to like yourself more that you really do,” Hardman says.

For your life is controlled by your soul. Your experiences are for your own personal journey. Denying your feeling of being finished with an activity or a person or a personal behavior only keeps you locked in the situation you are trying to change and will only cause more confusion and suffering and distance yourself from your objective and the peace your soul seeks.

Help is only around the corner— have an honest talk with yourself and you will see the truth.

Find your voice — Listen to your Inner Truth
Amber DeAnn —

Facing our fears

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We can face our fears no matter where they come from. They could come from a snake as in this picture or talking to a work colleague and getting a change of attitude. They could come from telling our Mom that we are going to go into a different career.

In fact, that is the essence of my new film short, Art Fever. Two women who know each other but have never gotten along, are now both in the same art therapy class. One as teacher, one as student. Getting through the class requires each of them to revisit their memories and their feelings about themselves and their needs and deal with each other’s responses.

This simple scenario can be huge for certain types of women and in certain women relationships, because of our society and family programming. It is also a problem when we as women don’t feel we have options in our lives or are good enough to do certain careers.

As a teen I made a decision that i wanted to go into business. Had no idea what type of business, so I floundered around in and out of clerical jobs until I got sick, left this type of work and went into healing modalities. Finding this career lacked personal creative expression and needing an outlet for my need to perform, I found acting and screenwriting. Now I  want to combine acting, writing, moviemaking, and healing into a business that serves and empowers humanity.

But first I have to erase the fear—all fear about not being good enough, not having an audience,not having stamina, not having enough wisdom or resources, etc.

Under the teachings of the Law of Attraction and other psychics, if you stay in fear you stay in lower energy vibration and you stay stuck. Do you want to stay stuck? Do you want to kiss your dreams goodbye?

Contact me and let’s talk and bust that fear.
——Your new resource,
Amber DeAnn

Getting What We Want – Depression or Anxiety

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Cat is stuck


I love TV and movies. For a while, I was addicted to Glee, the TV show about musical teenagers and their teachers who are trying to make a place for themselves in the world, advance their musical careers, find their creativity and be popular.

Sue Sylvester, one of the teachers on the show, is especially mean because she has become obsessed with being someone special and popular in the world. She manipulates and hurts people, she wants to win all the school cheerleading events, now she wants to run for public office.
She will do anything to terminate the glee club so she gets more school money for her cheerleaders.
She is obsessed with success. She is also lonely, self centered, hurt by her Mom and angry at her Mom. She is a woman in turmoil and she can’t see it or deal with it.

How many of us are obsessed with success and hurt ourselves by overworking to make more money, ignoring healthy diets, fun and friendships?
How many of us are anxious about getting that next promotion, that better job, that new love?
How many of us get depressed when we don’t get that job or promotion, or the skin care that will make us 20 years younger, or can’t afford to remodel the kitchen?

We are hurting ourselves. We are creating inner fear, anxiety, obsessions and more because we are trying to be a somebody in the world.

What fame and success you have one day can disappear the next day. Fame is difficult to achieve and has only short term success.

Instead of looking for the world to make you happy, look inside at your talents, interests, time with your friends and let that make you happy.

Let out your inner child and be daring, gutsy, brave and inquisitive again and see how much fun you can have.

I’m letting out my Inner Child to play tomorrow. You can too.
Need help.
Contact me —

Taming Anxiety Event

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Hello friends,

We all need some relaxation. Gentle energy work can relax the muscles, and invigorate your spirit and your essence. It is truly delightful.

We practice Access Consciousness- a hands on relaxation, rejuvenation technique that feels heavenly.

We are inviting you to join me and my partner, Pat Duran, for an afternoon of
soothing relaxation at Community of Infinite Spirit Wholistic Faire this Saturday, March 15 at Community of Inifinite Spirit, 1540 Hicks Avenue, San Jose, Ca.

Many other spiritual and wholistic practitioners will be there along with speakers. It will be an educational and fun day.

Don’t forget to drop by and hear my talk, Conquering Anxiety 5 Ways. It will be good.
I have some fun techniques to demonstrate.

Here is the flyer. See you on Saturday, March 15, 2014.

To those who want less anxiety,


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